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Consociationalism is often seen as having close affinities with corporatism; some consider it to be a form of corporatism while others claim that economic corporatism was designed to regulate class conflict, while consociationalism developed on the basis of reconciling societal fragmentation along ethnic and religious lines.

The goals of consociationalism are governmental stability, the survival of the power-sharing arrangements, the survival of democracy, and the avoidance of violence.

Harar City brass band adding colour to the celebration of NNP Day.

The nation has traversed through a quarter of a century exercising federal system and accommodating diversity.

Yet it remains to be seen when the balance sheet is tallied whether capitalism represents the epitome of A form of globalization and global trading where all nations prosper and develop fairly and equitably is probably what most people would like to see.Consociational states are often contrasted with states with majoritarian electoral systems.Consociationalism was discussed in academic terms by the political scientist Arend Lijphart.In each case, the transition from the older forms of constitutionalism to modern constitutional democracy was accompanied by the institutionalization of parties and the development of techniques of party competition.The essential functions of political parties in a constitutional democracy are the integration of a multitude of interests, beliefs, and values into one or more programs or proposals for change and the nomination of party members for elective office in the government.

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