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I mean, look at that little Facebook Messenger icon and the way he answered my message! Josh Bocanegra, CEO of Persona Bots, says these bots are a good way to get people excited about a franchise.“Chatbots are super cool because they automate fan engagement through chat.

In other words, a chatbot can talk to a fan as if it was a human,” he says via email.

I spent my spring break senior year of college rereading the series on the beach, and my best friend and I went to see the first movie on Valentine's Day back in 2015.

Persona has released a Christian Grey chatbot that you can literally talk to on Facebook Messenger — like, right now.

I mean, I was already excited about “Fifty Shades Darker,” but now, I'm about to Alexia La Fata is a Senior Editor.

She's a proud New Jersey native and Boston College graduate. She's a proud New Jersey native and Boston College graduate.

We never managed to do that with serious chatbots 😳🔫! We boosted a Facebook post to reach people from 16 to 45 located in the US, one day before the election (that’s yesterday). Our next goal is to make the same kind of bot (french elections are coming), but smarter.

or Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity is an award-winning artificial intelligence (A. In other word, ALICE as it commonly called, is a bot program that engages in a conversation with a human by applying some heuristical pattern matching rules to the human’s input, and in its online form it also relies on a hidden third person. Without bots, it would have been hard for Disney to let Facebook users chat with a Miss Piggy character.Rather than staffing employees around the clock, it's easier to program a bot to have a personality and push people toward ticket orders.Think Siri but embedded everywhere — and not just using your voice, but also text and other ways of communicating.Evernote's cofounder, Phil Libin, called them the best thing he's seen since the i Phone.

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