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When host Rex Sikes asks, “Do you have a social life?” the Canadian actor replies: “I’ve never had a girlfriend who’s survived.He was the lead for Eureka, a Syfy original series broadcast between 20, for which he was also a producer in its later seasons.He was also a guest presenter for sci-fi news show Hypa Space.

Kelly, who has dated John Mayer, Derek Jeter, Chris Evans and other celebrities, isn’t known for being vocal about Black Lives Matter or issues affecting the Black community.

In 1998 he had a role on the film , alongside Lisa Kudrow, Christina Ricci, and Martin Donovan.

He portrayed Donovan's character's deceased husband—including a steamy flashback scene.

They didn't need to, and what they had planned for the end of the season was so fantastic, but it was flattering they considered me—or liked gang?

Such a nice group of people, especially Fran and Peter.

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