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Despite the high accuracy and literary level of the translation, it remains easy to read and understand; the translators worked to produce a text that holds up as a beautiful and accessible piece of literature even today.iad Monceau is a small luxury hotel located right off the famous Djemaa El Fna square in Marrakech.Birkigt was a Swiss, born in Geneva in 1878, but although quite a number of Swiss makes of car materialised before World War 1, he played little part in these (an exception was the first SAG, later called Pie-Pie).

Last but not least guests can of course enjoy at Riad Monceau the famous Marrak Chef cooking workshops famed by the eponym Gourmet Trophy ; they’re as many opportunities to discover the subtle intricacies of generous and genuine Morocco.

First off was the La Cuadra renamed, soon replaced by a shaft-driven chassis with a water-cooled twin-cylinder engine, and then a 2.2-liter four with side valves under a T-head.

By mid 1904, an excess of liabilities had once more brought the enterprise to a standstill, but yet again a far-sighted creditor started the ball rolling.

For most car fans, the name Hispano-Suiza recalls only four famous models: the Alfonso, a spartan lightweight introduced in 1912 that was certainly one of the world's first true production sports cars; the 6½-liter H6 of 1919 that was then beyond doubt the world's most advanced luxury chassis; the more powerful 8-liter version of the same, called the 46CV, dating from 1924, and the great 54-220CV V12 of the 1930s.

Designer Marc Birkigt was responsible for around 40 projects prior to the H6, to judge by its designation as Type 41, and by 1908, there were already five catalogue models ranging from a small 15-20hp with four cylinders to a 60-75hp six with over 11 liters capacity.

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