Risks of sedating children

It describes what sedation is, what happens when your child gets sedation, and how to care for your child after the test or treatment.

Your child may find the test or treatment frightening or uncomfortable.

Keep in mind that anesthesia provides huge benefits.

Not only would it be cruel to perform surgeries on children without it, but also the stress and pain from the experience would likely harm kids’ brains..

Even Andreas Loepke, the pediatric anesthesiologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center who co-authored the concerns,” he said.

For many parents, concern about children's surgeries increased after recent reports of seemingly commonplace procedures – in one case a tonsillectomy, in another, dental work – ended in two children's deaths.

Parents who sign consent forms for medical or dental procedures on their children often do so with trepidation.

Therefore, many children and even some adults require sedation even though the procedure does not cause any pain.

The need for sedation is assessed by nurses and doctors responsible for her care in the MRI scanner based on her age, medical history and experience with past medical procedures.

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